meet the blogger.

On the Outside:
- Name: Taylor-
Eye Color: blue

- Hair Style/color: (currently) long and overall straight dark brown hair

- Height: 5ft
 5 1/2in
- Clothing style: whatever I’m in the mood for, usually cute but comfortable

- Best physical feature: my eyes (and apparently my butt)

On The Inside: 

- Your fears: spiders and death

- Your guilty pleasure: fanfiction, but I’m not that guilty ;)

- Ambitions for the future: get into my dream college and work for Disney


- Your first thoughts waking up: “Uhhnffnfnfdn….”

- What you think about before bed: “Should I have a snack?”

- You think your best quality is: Getting things done
What’s better? 
- Single or group dates: Never been on a date so I wouldn’t know

- To be loved or respected: BOTH

- Beauty or brains: Brains

- Dogs or cats: BOTH!

Do you:
- Lie: Not often
- Believe in yourself: In general yes, but if it’s something I’m not confident with no, which is 90% of the time

- Believe in love: Yes

- Want someone: Yes, but I’ve waited this long.


- Been on stage: Yes
- Done drugs: No
- Changed who you were to fit in: Yes a long time ago


- Favorite color: any shade of blue and rose
/blush colors
- Favorite animal: tigers and pandas

- Favorite movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, The Help, Django, Les Miserables

- Favorite game: The Bioshock series and Assassin’s Creed series


- Day your next birthday will be: Sunday

- How old will you be: 19

- Does age matter: Yes, in almost everything